Graham Wands is a Scottish Artist working in the heart of rural Perthshire. Born in Irvine, Ayrshire in 1959, Graham can’t remember a time where he did not draw or paint.

Later, having moved to the Borders, he taught art at local community venues and sold work in local galleries. In 1995 and married with a family, he moved to Perthshire where he opened a gallery selling work, taking art classes and putting on exhibitions with other local Artists. He is currently working from home in Perthshire and puts on various exhibits, sells his work and takes on workshops and demonstrations in watercolour throughout Tayside.

Working predominantly in watercolour, Graham also has experienced in most media and takes commissions in any form.

What People Say

“Working predominantly in watercolours, Graham skilfully captures the light and atmosphere of his subject, creating a snapshot of a fleeting moment.”

Eduardo Alessandro Studios

“His great skill with watercolours enables him to bring wonderful atmosphere to all of his paintings which adds a romanticism to an ordinary street.”

The Courier